Welcome to Santapet Polymers Limited

We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Eye Dropper bottles for pharmaceutical companies. Santapet Polymers Limited was established specially to manufacture world class quality Packaging Materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

Santapet Polymers Limited was established specially to manufacture a world class quality Eye Dropper pack to the pharmaceutical industry. With the desire to strive for providing a superior pack for the Eye Drop industry, we imported state of the art Injection-Blow moulding machines from Jomar Corp, USA & Procrea, Italy. Our bottles are of international quality and design and we have been supplying to various companies in the UK, Middle East, Africa, India & South East Asia.

Our Products

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Sanpharm A Eye Dropper Bottles, White Eye Dropper Bottles, Sanpharm C Eye Dropper Bottles, Eye Dropper Bottle, 15 ml Eye Dropper Bottle & White Eye Dropper Bottle from India.

Manufacturer of a wide range of products which include Plastic Nasal Spray Bottle, Screw On Sprayer, 10ml Nasal Sprayer, 50ml Nasal Spray, Nasal Sprayer and PH04-18TE Nasal and Oral Spray.